Tails Up was designed with one thing in mind – the health and well being of your four-legged friend. We are more than just a kennel and we make sure to understand your pet’s likes and dislikes, special personality traits, and behaviors. This way each guest can get the right balance of activity, quiet time, good food, and great company. Our goal is to make every pet feel right at home.


Marc Sousa

Tails Up Co-Founder, received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from California State University, Hayward, with a focus in Accounting. He has 14 years experience as a Golf Professional, including 7 years as a full time Instructor, and 4 years as General Manager at one of the busiest public courses in the Bay Area. Having never had a pet as a child, his first dogs as an adult exposed Marc to what he was missing all those years and now, as an PCSA Certified Advanced Pet Care Technician, his passion for pets almost surpasses Jill’s. Marc lives in Castle Rock with his special someone and Teddy, the perfect golden retriever.

Jill Potter

Tails Up Co-Founder, Jill, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources from Colorado State University. She then obtained her Master’s in Resort Management from the University of Denver. She has worked in Customer Service Management roles in the golf industry, computer & network support and retail. Jill served as General Manager of Citizen Canine in Oakland, California for 3 years before returning home in 2007. Jill lives in Lone Tree with her husband, two dogs and one cat.


Laura Engel

Laura grew up in Colorado and has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Colorado State University.  A lifelong animal lover, she loves spending time with the guests at Tails Up as well as her own dogs Copper and Crackers. Copper is the rugged outdoorsy type and loves when Laura takes her camping and hiking, while Crackers is a couch potato and prefers curling up under a blanket next to Laura while she reads a book or takes many, many pictures of him.  In her free time, Laura enjoys creating art and particularly enjoys drawing dogs and bunnies.

Jill Long

Jill was a 10-year member of the Parker Barkers 4-H Club where she leaned all about the basics of dog training. She was also a state fair champion in obedience. Jill helps with her mom’s kennel of Australian Shepherds and American Cocker Spaniels. She travels all over the country to show their dogs and showed at the Westminster Kennel Club in February 2018! Prior to joining the Tails Up team, she spent ten years in the grooming industry so she certainly brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.


Scott Schrank

Our Operations Manager, Scott, is a Colorado native. He loves using his customer service expertise to bring the highest quality of care to the animals (and their owners) at Tails Up. In addition to being a film buff and self-described “super-nerd,” Scott can often be found hiking, camping, or canoeing around Colorado with his wife Becca, their son Logan, and adorable dog, Bowie

Jacob Summer

Jacob loves nothing more than spending time outside with his amazing fiancé, their 2 year old son and two adorable corgis. He is a huge Broncos and Nuggets fan! Having played those two sports growing up he still enjoys keeping up with the games.  Jacob is also a huge animal lover (obviously) and absolutely loves his job at Tails Up because it allows him to bring one of his lifelong passions and apply it to where he works.

Samantha Lisman

Sam is a Colorado native and loves hiking with her dogs Raz and Dixon. In her free time she likes to read, do puzzles and watch movies. She has a passion for animals so her role as Supervisor at Tails Up is a perfect fit!


Tails Up always wants to hear from people interested in working with pets in an environment that always puts pets first. if you are interested you can apply online or email your resume to jobs@tailsup.com