Play Groups

Dogs are put in playgroups of 7 to 10 other dogs of similar size, age, and play style. Young puppies and rowdy adolescents have their own groups where they won’t pester the older dogs. Senior citizens also have their own group where they won’t be bothered by more active dogs.
Tails Up does not support the play all day structure commonly found in daycares and boarding facilities in our area. We feel dogs need more opportunity to rest during the day (think about what your pooch is like at home- sleeps a lot, right?). We also limit our group size 10 to ensure each dog has lots of human attention and the human can really keep their eye on what is happening with the dogs.

Playgroup duration is typically one hour but can vary depending on the size and canine make-up of each group, the weather and other circumstances. We monitor groups so that dogs get enough exercise without overdoing it. We also have a large space inside the building to make up for time lost to poor weather.