Baths and Grooming

Bath services while boarding or attending daycare

Tails Up offers all dogs boarding five nights or longer a complimentary bath before they go home (If a dog puts up a struggle, we will not force them to have a bath: instead a gentle brush and spritz will be done.)  Dogs with extra fluffy or long coats receive a brush and spritz.

We can also do a bath for any dog boarding with us for a shorter stay or who are here for daycare for a fee. Nail trims and ear cleaning can be added to any bath.

Price: Bath $12 to $16 depending upon the size of your dog

Nails: $10
Ears: $5

Self-Serve Dog Wash

Tails Up has a great “spa” that is open to existing clients to bathe their own dog. You do the washing and we clean up after your done! The room is available for use on a first-come, first serve basis everyday 9am-4pm. We supply towels, shampoo, treats and a hair dryer. We ask that you try to complete your bath in less than 30 minutes. The cost is $15 per bath.

Professional Grooming
While Tails Up does not have a groomer of its own, we are happy to refer you to several local groomers. Please call the front desk for more information.