Get to Know Us Before a Stay: Pre-Boarding Visits

During the required initial pre-boarding consultation, we learn about your dog’s unique needs. We ask questions about social, medical and behavioral history, likes and dislikes, special handling needs, and care requirements. We also assess how they respond to the Tails Up environment. We use this information to place dogs appropriately in playgroups, and to better meet your dog’s individual needs while they are staying with us. We also give you a full tour of the facility and answer any questions you have about any of our services.

This short trip to our facility also gives your dog a chance to “sniff us out.” Having a positive experience during the initial consultation helps assure your dog that Tails Up is a safe and fun place to visit.

Tails Up offers a highly interactive boarding experience where your dog will socialize with many people and dogs on a daily basis. This is not a safe or appropriate environment for all dogs, and in some cases, we may refer you to a different service that better suits your dog’s needs.

We encourage you to call us and schedule a consultation even if you do not currently have specific boarding dates. You can also stop by without your dog to see our facility, but our ability to offer walk-in tours is limited by staff availability.

You can also stop by without your dog to see our facility any day between 7am and 7pm, but please be patient with us if existing guests need to be checked in or out.