Meals and Medical Concerns


Our guests receive 2 individually prepared meals each day. We are happy to accommodate special feeding instructions. It is best for your dog’s health to maintain a consistent diet, so we recommend you bring an adequate supply of your dog’s own food. Alternatively, we feed our guests high quality Nutrisource Dog Food, which was rated by Whole Dog Journal as one of the best commercial dog foods.

If your pet thrives on a raw diet, Tails Up wants to ensure that your dog feels right at home. That means familiar food. Our guests have their own refrigerator and freezer for any foods (or medications) that require cold temperatures. Just bring what they need and instructions on how you prepare their meal and we will do the same.


We can accommodate most special medical needs, including administration of pills, ointments and drops. We are familiar with the special needs of blind dogs, deaf dogs, dogs with spine, hip and knee problems, epileptic dogs and senior citizens. For the safety of all our guests, we cannot accept any dogs with contagious illnesses. Please bring any medications in separate, clearly marked containers. Prescription medications must be in the original container issued by your vet or pharmacy and the label must contain the pet’s name, dosage, drug name and date issues (per the Colorado Department of Agriculture). Do not pre-mix medications into your dog’s food. If your dog is taking several medications, we ask that you bring written instructions for administration. We do not board any diabetic pets requiring insulin injections.

Senior Dogs

There are inherent risks in boarding a senior dog. Underlying health problems can be exacerbated by stress, and illnesses or infections, which would be minor in a younger dog, can become serious and even life threatening in an elderly or frail dog. Owners of senior dogs should give us clear instructions about their preferences for medical care and intervention.

Keeping Guests Healthy

Our service is designed to maintain optimum health of our guests. We require each pet to be fully vaccinated before boarding. We also keep the environment as low stress as possible and follow a regular schedule. A low-stress environment and regular schedule help support the immune system and keep pets healthy. Each area of the building is also individually ventilated which helps prevent the spreading of disease.

If a health concern should arise, we have relationships with several local veterinary clinics and emergency hospitals. Depending on the situation, pets will be brought to their own veterinarian for treatment. We will always contact the owner in the case of a medical problem requiring veterinary care.

We require that all pets that come for boarding or daycare be free from any pests or parasites. Even though the indoor surfaces and cleaning methods at Tails Up are not conducive to flea development, our canine guests do play in an outdoor space and interact with other dogs. If you are concerned about flea and tick infestation, we suggest you treat your dog with Advantage or Frontline prior to your dog’s stay at Tails Up.

Please keep in mind that canine cough is an inherent risk to any dog socializing with other dogs, whether it is at a pet hotel, dog park or in your backyard. We do everything possible to limit a guest’s chances of contracting canine cough by keeping our facility clean and requiring all guests be vaccinated. Even with our stringent protocols, it is still possible your dog may get ill with canine cough.