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Tails Up

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First Time Visitors

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First time boarders discover a new environment for fun!

Many of our guests are first time dog boarding and dog daycare guests. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, the daily playgroups are a great outlet for the anxiety caused by being away from home. We offer cuddle sessions for dogs that need some extra human TLC to help them feel comfortable. It is not unusual for dogs with separation anxiety to stop eating: we monitor all meals and will add tasty treats, hand feed, or sit with dogs during mealtimes to make sure they do not miss too many meals. If you are planning a longer stay, we also recommend (and sometimes require) a trial day care or overnight stay to help your dog acclimate to our environment and routine.

You can come and sample the fun with a pre-boarding visit!

Housetraining Habits

Dogs staying at Tails Up quickly adapt to our routine and learn to use the outdoor play yards for their bathroom area. For adult dogs, four trips outside between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. are usually plenty to keep up their training. We bring puppies out more frequently, and reward them with praise and treats for appropriate potty events.

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What to Bring

For safety reasons, your dog should be wearing only a flat or limited slip collar, not a metal collar or chain. Appropriate collars are available for purchase in our retail area. Retractable leashes are not permitted in our facility. Please use a nylon or leather leash when bringing your dog to Tails Up. You are welcome to bring bedding or toys from home keeping in mind that everything you bring should be machine washable and labeled with your dog’s name. An elevated Kuranda bed and bedding is provided for every guest. We reserve the right to decide what can go in each guest’s room to ensure their safety at all times.