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Tails Up

Dog food bowl

Meals & Medical Concerns

Tails Up is happy to accommodate special feeding instructions for our guests.

Dog with medication pill


We can accommodate most special medical needs, including administration of pills, ointments and drops. We are familiar with the special needs of blind dogs, deaf dogs, dogs with spine, hip and knee problems, epileptic dogs and senior citizens. For the safety of all our guests, we cannot accept any dogs with contagious illnesses. Please bring any medications in separate, clearly marked containers. Prescription medications must be in the original container issued by your vet or pharmacy and the label must contain the pet’s name, dosage, drug name and date issues (per the Colorado Department of Agriculture). Do not pre-mix medications into your dog’s food. If your dog is taking several medications, we ask that you bring written instructions for administration. We do not board any diabetic pets requiring insulin injections.

Senior Dogs

There are inherent risks in boarding a senior dog. Underlying health problems can be exacerbated by stress, and illnesses or infections, which would be minor in a younger dog, can become serious and even life threatening in an elderly or frail dog. Owners of senior dogs should give us clear instructions about their preferences for medical care and intervention.

Our dogs Roxy and Wally love going to tails up when they need boarded! They go the extra mile with Roxy who needs her medication several times a day.

Abby B.

I can't say enough about TailsUp! I totally trust them! Just an amazing place and group of people! 

TailsUp is so accommodating for pets of all ages from young to senior. They ensure the pets are put in the right play group or private time as well as ensure they give the pets their meds.

Michelle C.