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Person petting grey cat with finger

Cat Boarding

We welcome our feline friends to our Cat Boarding!

Cat Boarding Rates

Classic Cat Condo $28 per night

Luxury Cat Condo: $32 per night

Feline guests enjoy their own space with Tails Up. Our cat boarding has a separate ventilation system and a sound machine provides our feline guests with the relaxing sounds of birds chirping or waves rolling up on a sunny shore. Each cat has their own multi-level condo and private litter box. Most of the condos feature portholes that can be opened to allow cats to have an even larger room, depending on occupancy, or visit with other family felines.

Please note, any cat visiting Tails Up must be spayed/neutered. Proof of up to date FVRCP and Rabies vaccinations must be received prior to your cat’s arrival.

Prepare for a stay?

Prepare for a stay?


Call us at (303) 600-0034 to get started or schedule a reservation!

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Client Testimonials & Reviews

My cats always enjoy their stay. They come back relaxed instead of stressed and scared.

Michael R.