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Tails Up

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Dog Boarding

We are the Castle Rock pet boarding experts and we’ll ensure your pet has a rich, playful experience when you are away.

Voted BEST BOARDING by Castle Rock News

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Get to Know Us Before a Stay: Pre-Boarding Visits

During the required initial pre-boarding consultation, we learn about your dog’s unique needs. We ask questions about social, medical and behavioral history, likes and dislikes, special handling needs, and care requirements. We also assess how they respond to the Tails Up environment. We use this information to place dogs appropriately in playgroups, and to better meet your dog’s individual needs while they are staying with us. We also give you a full tour of the facility and answer any questions you have about any of our services.

This short trip to our facility also gives your dog a chance to “sniff us out.” Having a positive experience during the initial consultation helps assure your dog that Tails Up is a safe and fun place to visit.

Tails Up offers a highly interactive boarding experience where your dog will socialize with many people and dogs on a daily basis. This is not a safe or appropriate environment for all dogs, and in some cases, we may refer you to a different service that better suits your dog’s needs.

We encourage you to call us and schedule a consultation even if you do not currently have specific boarding dates. You can also stop by without your dog to see our facility, but our ability to offer walk-in tours is limited by staff availability.

You can also stop by without your dog to see our facility any day between 7am and 7pm, but please be patient with us if existing guests need to be checked in or out.

A Typical Tails Up Day

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What to Bring

For safety reasons, your dog should be wearing only a flat or limited slip collar, not a metal collar or chain. Appropriate collars are available for purchase in our retail area. Retractable leashes are not permitted in our facility. Please use a nylon or leather leash when bringing your dog to Tails Up. You are welcome to bring bedding or toys from home keeping in mind that everything you bring should be machine washable and labeled with your dog’s name. An elevated Kuranda bed and bedding is provided for every guest. We reserve the right to decide what can go in each guest’s room to ensure their safety at all times.

Dog Boarding rooms

Boarding Room Breakdown

Small Suite (up to 25lbs) A cozy 3x4 private room perfect for small dogs up to 25lbs

Standard Suite (26lbs+) A spacious, 5x7 private room perfect for medium to large dogs over 25lbs or two smaller dogs

Family Suite Our largest accommodation, this luxurious 10x7 suite is reserved for multi-pet families with two or more dogs and includes webcam access for pet parents!

All suites feature glass doors and windows for unobstructed views; soft natural lighting, raised kuranda beds, room service and daily housekeeping. Meals are served up to three times per day per your specifications and fresh water is provided at all times.

Two daily group play sessions are included in your pet's stay, and additional group play sessions can be added. For non-social dogs, we offer daily 1-on-1 play sessions with staff! Every guest enjoys at least three trips outside per day with an established routine to help maintain house-training habits and help minimize stress. In between play groups, each guest returns to their room for nap-time.

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Play Groups

Dog daycare and boarder dogs are put in playgroups of 7 to 15 other dogs of similar size, age, and play style. Young puppies and rowdy adolescents have their own groups where they won’t pester the older dogs. Senior citizens also have their own group where they won’t be bothered by more active dogs.

Tails Up does not support the play all day structure commonly found in daycares and boarding facilities in our area. We feel dogs need more opportunity to rest during the day (think about what your pooch is like at home- sleeps a lot, right?). We also limit our group size 15 to ensure each dog has lots of human attention and the human can really keep their eye on what is happening with the dogs. Playgroup duration is typically one hour but can vary depending on the size and canine make-up of each group, the weather and other circumstances. We monitor groups so that dogs get enough exercise without overdoing it. We also have a large space inside the building to make up for time lost to poor weather.

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Tails Up Pet Points Rewards

Loyalty Deserves To Be Rewarded. Loyal pets—and loyal pet parents—are entitled to all the appreciation in the world. And we’re delighted to reward your repeated visits to us with a program that recognizes your support. Every dollar you spend earns a reward point, and every 250 points you collect earns a $5 credit on your next stay

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Client Testimonials & Reviews

If you are looking for a place to board your pets, this is certainly the best place. Amazing and caring staff. Our pups had the best time ever! Thank you to the staff at Tails up!

Argelia A.

Tails Up is the best boarding place I have ever been to; in fact if they are full then more than once I have decided not to go where I was planning. The staff loves our dogs, and our dogs love the place. The dogs can't wait to get out of the car and go see their friends! Thank you so much for taking worry away when we have to leave some of our family members behind!

Lori W.

Boarded our dog for the first time last week. Brooklyn came home much calmer than when we dropped her off. Looking forward to her other stays with Tails up!

Christina G.

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We use positive reinforcement techniques to teach dogs what behaviors are appropriate. We reinforce the desirable behaviors (such as sitting politely) with praise and food rewards while we ignore and never reinforce behaviors we don’t like (such as jumping up on people). We also use praise and treats to create positive associations with objects and experiences that dogs may otherwise find frightening or uncomfortable. We do not use adverse measures to punish behavior. Our training techniques are fun for both people and dogs, strengthen the human-animal bond, and create dogs that love to learn! We offer staff training sessions with boarding and day care dogs to complement the work they are doing at home.