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Dog shaking with owner

Who Can Stay & Who Can Play

Wondering if your dog can play? 

Intact female dogs over seven months old are not permitted at Tails Up at all. Intact male dogs over the age of 7 months are not permitted in playgroup at Tails Up for the safety of our staff and other guests. Instead, they enjoy the attention of a staff member, still going the play yards four times a day.

🐾Puppies must receive all of their vaccinations prior to coming to board or attend daycare. This includes Distemper (usually three shots given three weeks apart), Bordetella (usually given after 10 weeks) and Rabies (usually given last around 14 weeks). Having all of these vaccinations helps ensure your puppy’s safety and the safety of all our guests.

🐾Some dogs cannot play with other dogs for medical reasons, such as a joint or back injury, in which case they will go out for their daily outings with a human companion. Dogs that are not socialized to other dogs and exhibit fearful or aggressive behavior are evaluated on an individual basis, but in most cases are not appropriate guests.

🐾Felines: Cats boarding at Tails Up must be spayed or neutered.

Required Vaccinations

🐾Dogs: Rabies, DHLPP (every 3 years), Canine Influenza and Bordetella (administered annually and at least 7 days prior to arrival).

🐾Cats: FVRCP and Rabies